About us

We are a full service private law firm that offers complete assistance in order to achieve legal solutions with safety and efficiency.

Founded in 1999, Ferreira and Santos Lawyers stands out among the best law firms in the country for its excellence in providing legal services in the most diverse areas of Law, providing clients with a complete assistance in order to achieve legal solutions with safety and efficiency.


  • Planned environment to provide optimized services
  • Modern infrastructure with wide, comfortable, high technology equipped meeting rooms
  • Modern computer management programs
  • State-of-the-art servers

Successful partnerships

We are associated with the Association of Corporate Law Offices (RedeJur), which is a national and international entity.
Through RedeJur, we optimize the client’s desired result and achieve excellence in legal advice provided throughout Brazil and abroad.

Areas of expertise

Administrative Law

Administrative Law

  • Advice on administrative contracts
  • Consulting services for public tenders
  • Drafting of written opinions
  • Studies
  • Documents examination
  • Strategies definition
  • analysis of public notices and public tenders
  • Preparation of objections
  • Legislation interpretation
  • Administrative and judicial remedies
  • Expropriations
  • Administrative easements
  • Administrative contracts
  • Contractual rebalancing
  • Public-private partnerships
Labor and Social Security Law

Labor and Social Security Law

  • Legal advice
  • Analysis
  • Written opinions
  • Advice on collective bargaining
  • Administrative and judicial processes monitoring
  • Legal audits
  • Labor risks identification in mergers and acquisitions
  • Monitoring of inspection promoted by agencies of the Ministry of Labor and Employment and procedures instated by the Regional Labor Prosecutor.
  • Labor liabilities management
  • Strategies definition
  • analysis of public notices and public tenders
Civil and Business Law

Civil and Business Law

  • Monitoring, patronage and defense of lawsuits and administrative procedures
  • Advice on financial negotiations
  • Preparation and analysis of contracts in general
  • Assistance in the planning of purchase and sale operations
  • Loans
  • Management of bank liabilities
  • Bankruptcy proceedings and judicial reorganization
  • Real estate consulting
  • Debt collection
  • Legal actions related to lease, such as eviction, revisional, renewal of rent and inspection, possession and ownership of real estate, condominiums and real estate developments.
Consumer Law

Consumer Law

  • Preventive and consultative advice in the area of Consumer Law, in the administrative and judicial spheres, providing the defense and monitoring of all the procedures coming from the Consumer Protection and Justice Organs.
  • Guidance and adaptation of procedures and contracts to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Code, mitigating risks and allowing customers strategic planning with safe and up-to-date information.
Criminal and Business Law

Criminal and Business Law

  • We provide assistance to companies in the investigation, repression and anti-fraud policy.
  • We act in demands against the economic and tax order, capital market, money laundering, consumer relations, environment, financial system and social security.
  • We operate in the extrajudicial phase (monitoring of police investigations and investigations within the Public Ministry) and in the judicial phase, promoting the defense of criminal actions.
Corporate Law and Inheritance Planning

Corporate Law and Inheritance Planning

  • We prepare analysis of the corporate structure of companies, acting in the constitution of companies and associations.
  • Preparation of joint ventures contracts and consortia agreements.
  • Mergers, spinoffs and acquisitions.
  • We provide assistance in cases of litigation between shareholders.
  • Follow-up of general meetings and meetings of shareholders.
  • Development and execution of succession planning.
  • Assistance in the purchase and sale of corporate stakes in industrial or commercial establishments.
  • Judicial and extrajudicial liquidation of companies.
  • Determination of social assets.
Tax Law

Tax Law

  • Tax analysis on the legality and constitutionality of legislation.
  • Conduct tax planning
  • Prepare opinions
  • We keep clients up to date on the constant changes in legislation and case law, acting both preventively and in the follow-up of administrative and judicial proceedings.
  • We carry out preventive studies related to fiscal and tax solutions, incorporation, sales, spin-offs, divestiture and liquidations of companies.
  • Analysis and evaluation of the potential opportunities of economies and fiscal contingencies.
  • Review of direct and indirect taxes.
  • Recovery of tax credits.
Anti-Corruption and Compliance Law

Anti-Corruption and Compliance Law

  • We have a dedicated consultancy team to the prevention, detection to fight against corruption, in view of the current legislation.
  • We perform risk assessment. Creation, development and review of compliance programs.
  • Drafting, review and implementation of codes of ethics and conduct.
  • Implantation and improvement of internal controls.
  • Assistance in internal disciplinary proceedings.
  • Internal and third party audit (suppliers, distributors, representatives, service providers, etc.)
  • Consortia e joint venture
  • Assistance and representation in leniency agreements.
  • Representation in administrative and judicial proceedings.
Health and HNA (Health National Agency)

Health and HNA (Health National Agency)

  • Nucleus specialized in the areas of Supplementary Health, Medical and Hospital Law.
  • Preventive advice, advisory and litigation in legal and administrative proceedings before professional councils, consumer protection agency and regulatory agency.
  • Assistance in corporate operations between Health Plan Operators, as well as in the execution of Due Diligence in Operators and Hospital Entities.
Supplementary pension plan.

Supplementary pension plan.

  • Legal advice in the area of, Closed Entities of Complementary Pension Plans (Pension Funds).
  • Monitoring administrative and judicial proceedings.
  • Assistance in meeting the legal requirements of the sector, in order to ensure compliance with the rules applicable to each pension plan.

Our team

The teams of Ferreira and Santos Lawyers are organized by area and specialization, are assisted by a coordinator and directed by the partners.

The firm values, its intangible assets, knowledge and talent, constantly investing in the training of its employees. In addition to this strategy, it counts on the permanent collaboration of multidisciplinary teams that guarantee an agile action in obtaining the best solutions to the clients’ demands.


Personality – Competence – Agility – Ethics – Transparency

Environmental Awareness

We are a society committed to the environment, to diversity, to inclusion and to equal rights and opportunities.

Corporate governance

Ferreira and Santos Lawyers has a policy of integrity, prevention and anti-corruption, encouraging the best practices of Corporate Governance.

Our Compliance system is formed by a code of ethics and conduct designed to provide the premises that guide our work and the conduct of all our employees, establishing a culture of integrity, transparency, respect for the society and the citizen.

Where we are

Rua Aimorés, nº 981, 4º andar, Bairro Funcionários,
CEP 30.140-071, Belo Horizonte/MG;
Phone (31) 3057.2121; Fax (31) 3057.2122;
e-mail escritorio@ferreiraesantos.adv.br